Abdul Ahad Mir – Strawberry Farming

By | June 19, 2017

Abdul Ahad Mir

Strawberry Farming

Success Highlights

  • A Good Support From Knowledgeable Agency
  • Selection of Suitable  Agro-Climate
  • Scale of Activity after success in smaller area
  • Always Try a New Technology for Farming

Abdul Ahad Mir Farmers of Village Wanihama in Srinagar he is from a small family and middle class farmer. Same background story to all farmer.

Abdul  changed the fortunes of his fellow men. Abdul realize the plight of his brethren, began to actively look out for new alternatives to their income. It was winter 2004 when he meet a Horticulture Officer working on Technology Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture in North Eastern States. Abdul was advice to officer for took up cultivation of strawberry which was suitable for soil and climate of his farm . The marketing of this fruit are very large and export are also possible for this fruit.

Agency Guidance are provide to abdul under guidance of experts working on the technology mission, he made a modest beginning by planting the Chandler variety of strawberry on 1 Kanal of his farm in march 2004, He was provide all type of material and help . These Included a poly house for protection of cultivation of the crop. In their first year the smaller area sown resulted in an unexpected income.

Abdul Ahad Mir

Abdul expanded the area under strawberry to 8 Kanal during the next year, which again yielded a record production output generating an income of Rs. 4.4 Lakh.

Abdul was not stop with our success but he was still work on all farmers growth. He took on the bigger task of educating his fellow farmers who soon become convey  about the economic viability of raising this new crop. Abdul moved out of his own farm to help and guide others at Gousa.

He was received a good respond from farmers . Today , all the farmers in Gousa have decide to emulate his example and plant this boon crop their farms. Group and Team action also shown them the channels for profitable marketing of their products.

Little wonder then the Abdul Ahad Mir has now set on a new mission for himself and that is to transform Gousa into what he aptly christened- “ THE STRAWBERRY VILLAGE”.

Successful Strawberry Farming by Ablud Ahad Mir Short Film on YouTube , For watch Click Here ..



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