Ramilaben’s Dairy Farm

By | June 16, 2017

Ramilaben’s Dairy Farm in Gujarat    – Success  Story

Dairy farm is the success business in this century that is proved by Ramilaben Govindbhai Patel , She is from Gujarat and also prove this success story the power of woman. She from Pentarpura , Vadodara, Gujarat. not passed any graduation and any not passed degree collages. She was 43 year old leady.

So let’s talk about his professional life , she earn like 10 CEo at home by Cow milk. She milk net profit is 1.10 cr in 2011-2012. Its like one big company profit. She was start this business at 2000. Is now a full-fledge family business.

She is outstanding success based on hard work and also smart work and also used Advance dairy farming technology. She was start with only few cows. But  today that business profit is 1.10cr it is very-very good grow in 12 years.

She’s Husband Govindbhai  is also interest in advance technology and advance farming , He visited last year in Israel last year to financial plant and set-up for reducing the cost of dairy farming and learn about how to use latest technology and how to improve the output of cow milking and which type food are batter for cow.

In She’s dairy farm twenty four (24) hour air conditioner system running and 24 hour water are available also all time food available for cows and buffalo . cattle can realize perfect atmosphere. And She’s Dairy farm now want to adopt Israeli technology. The estimate modernization will cost Rs 1cr.

Ramila Ben

Ramilaben is ideal for inspiration to other woman. It is one example for the woman am-power is not less then others.

Ramilaben Dairy farm make a dairy farm societies and inspire other woman for farming and dairy farming.

Out of total 16,117 milk societies 2,100+ are run by woman of the 32 lac members in 15 district union 8.2 lac are woman.

15 year ago, Ramilaben registered herself as primary milk producer at Pentuparas’s dudh mandali it is village level milk society. She took a bank loan for five cross-bread cows. It is first time Ramilaben start our business in dairy farming this first step to start hard work with smartness and she start without any degree and collages education . this is inspiration for all woman. Ramilaben never choose any shortcut in she’s life because shortcut way can not reach any specific destination so always choose hard work and use our smart brain but never choose shortcut and never can cheat any other in your destination way.

Today , She run “Jai Ranchhod  Dudh Utpadak Kendra” Even Through four automatic milking machines and  40 employers work in Ramilaben’s  Team . This is the glade moment for all woman and farmer. Farmer can anything in farming because farmer have unlimited hard work power and can improve the farming ways .

India is the farmer’s country because the main base of India is the Farming. In one upon time India knows as “ SONE KI CHIDIYA “ because farmer are leader of this country . this time can choose farming with latest technology can make again “SONE KI CHIDIYA” . I am Return With One new Success Farmer story in Framing and Dairy Farming .



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