Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics farming

• Hydroponics Farming is the modern technology farming in which plant growth and productivity is control by water and its nutrients levels in water. In Other words, it is the farming without soil and growing the crops on water. The word Hydroponics means “Water Related” and this technology of farming has become popular and has greater applications in modern farming. This farming known as Nutrient film technique {N.F.T}. There are some variations of N.F.T used around the world and it is very popular method of growing Hydroponically.

Hydroponics Farming Process:

What is Difference of soil and hydroponic farming ?

• In this farming, water is balance with well balance nutrients which are essential for plants growth and better yield.
• Water level pH will be maintain within specific range which results in better growth and produce.
• In this farming, plants take the nutrients from the water and using sun light, they produce the output.
• As people said it is a soilless farming, one should ensure to replace the basic functions of soil while opting for Hydroponics farming.
• Some basic functions of the Hydroponics farming without soil are….

hydroponics farming technology

1. Plant Root System Support:

In Hydroponics system, a medium like sand or plastics are use for supporting the plant root system.

2. Supply of Nutrients:

In the soil base farming system, nutrients are applied from organic content. Where as in Hydroponics farming, fertilizers are added in the water for providing the well balance to the plants.

3. Supply of Oxygen:

In soil farming plants use the Oxygen from the soil where as in Hydroponics plants get the Oxygen from the water.
4. Supply of Water: In Soil farming, Plants get the water from the soils to establish the root system in the soil where as in Hydroponics farming water is directly supply to the plants.

Difference Between Hydroponic Farming and Soil Farming 

List of Hydroponics Farming:

• Wick Systems.
• Drip Systems.
• Nutrient Film Technique.
• Deep Water Culture.
• Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain.

Advantages of Hydroponics Farming:

• Hydroponics uses all the mineral nutrients provide in the water without any wastage.
• Most Advantage of Hydroponics farming is provides the less pollution Farming.
• Also require less water compare to soil based farming.
• In system control water pH level are easy and provide essential nutrients in Optimize way, Faster Growth and high yield can be except in this system.
• Hydroponics system can be automatic and mange easily.
• In this farming requires less space.
• The quality of farming is high in Hydroponics farming.
• This technology can be combine with greenhouse technology to provide better results.
• The Only Disadvantage of Hydroponics farming is its set up cost.

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