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By | June 13, 2017

How To Lemon Farming Step by Step

India is Produce the highest production of Lemon and the particular region is Gujarat is the first in India for Lemon production. now we talk about How to lemon farming Step by step. But it is increase by using Advance Technology and some basic formula and purify smallest mistakes to Grow batter ans produce more production. Totally how to Lemon Farming will explain in this post. Please read full post for  all instruction about Lemon Farming.


Almond Farming

Lemon Farming – Profitable Farming

Lemon is the Used in daily life it is the required in whole year it is the good for farming and good for farmer because the farmer can earn whole year. used in lots of place like Food , Juice , Clod drink, Energy Drink, and Medicine etc. Also Lemon are used in Beauty product like Face wash and more. Lemon suitable in dry atmosphere and it is available in most of whole India (not in Jammu kasmir , Uatarpradesh , aasam , sikkim ). In Lemon Framing wild chance in Feature. Young farmer more study on Advance Technique and agriculture technology can cut on capital cost and increase the production it is the good for feature.

Land and Atmosphere For Lemon Farming

Dry Atmosphere and Less Rainfall is most important for Lemon Farming. More Humid are not suitable for Lemon Plant , more Powerful and ripen land is good for lemon.

Types of Lemon

  • Seedless Lemon
  • Sweet Lime
  • Thai Lemon Plant
  • Kagdi Lemon

Specialty Of Seedless Lemon

I will Recommend Seed Less Lemon Because of this reasons :

Seed Less Lemon 12 Month Plant

1)  This is seedless variety.
2)  This Lemon tree gives fruits throughout the year.
3)  Production Capacity of this variety is better than others.
4)  This Variety has longest shelf life.
5)  This Variety is Better Priced.
6)  In comparison to other varieties fruits of this variety are bigger & more       attractive.
7)  These fruit trees are found loaded with cluster of fruits.

How to Make Plant – Techniques

  • Lemon Tree From Seed :

Fill the smaller pot with soil then Cut open your lemon and remove a seed, Plant the seed about half an inch deep in the middle of the pot. Cover the pot with clear plastic wrap. Place the pot in a warm, sunny location. After about two weeks need additional light for your lemon plant,Take care of the young plant by keeping the soil damp. When the plant outgrows its small pot, put it in the larger pot.

  • lemon tree by Tissue culture :

In this technique select the one good plant this plant lemon are big and juice are more this plant small branch cut and make one new small plant this technique are good and this type of plant grow fast you can search about this technique.

How to lemon farming Step by step

Lemon Tree Plantation

In old generation the distance between two plant are 18 Χ 18 ft but in today we can use this measurement 13.5 Χ 13.5 ft ( 4 1/2 meter ) . Using this Measurement more tree can plant in limited land. 2 Χ 2 ft Pond make and in this pond fill by 15 kg cow dung. then Dry to 20 days then fill with soil then lemon plant plantation in pond. This process are good in Jun-July ( India ).

Caring Of Lemon Plant

  • Remind Giving water can not touch to plant Base.
  • Not give High flow of water always give in light flow.
  • Give water regularly.
  • Recommend used Drip system. when you used drip system in lemon plant following this table.
Per Plant 4 drip used
Month Water Time
Jan 2 hr
Fab 3 hr
March 4 hr
April-June 5 hr
July – Sup 2 hr
Octo – Dec 3 hr
  • Remove unexpected grass.
  • Croping process can regular.

Flowering and Fruit Times

Flower Time Fruit Time % of Year Production
Jan July – Sap 60%
May-June Oct – Jan 30%
Oct – Nov Fab – May 10%

Chemical Element

Plant Yr Cow Dung in GM Nitrogen in GM Phosphorus in GM Potash In GM
1 10 0-180 0-150 0-100
2 20 0-360 0-300 0-200
3 30 0-540 0-450 0-300
4 40 0-720 0-600 0-400
5 50 0-900 0-750 0-500

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    I am from uttar pradesh and wanted to start lime farming.
    Whcih breede i can use for this and where can i get the plant.

    Please share details on sinsush@gmail.com

    1. Shyamal Patel Post author

      Dear Sushil Now Lime farming developed in all India you can select Now Seedless lemon i will recommend it. Because Seedless lemon requirements are very aggressive in Industrial use. and you can select another breede.

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    I have a lot of lime trees please reply with my 9922052533 what’s up

  3. Narender

    Dear Mr Patel ji

    8 X 8 Fit gap in Thi seedless lemon plant is suitable
    It is tissue culture / Cloned plant, Someone suggested me this gap.

    Please guide us



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