How to Grow Chillies at Home

By | April 5, 2018
  • how to grow chillies at home

    how to grow chillies at home
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    Hello dear today we have to learn about How to grow chillies at home, so lets talk about something about chillies . Chilli cultivation is a good vegetable farming Business. Chilli crop can be cultivate as an inter-crop Plantation. It is also known as chilli pepper spicy fruit used in cuisine preparations. Dry chillies are use for curry powder. As per the latest statistics, India tops the world in Chilli production. In India chillies especially the grow in Guntar district of Andhra Pradesh are known for their pungency and color. Some of the big size chillies ate call bell peppers and use as a vegetable.

How to Grow Chillies at Home

  • Chilli Plant Information:
  • Hello world today we have to learn about How to grow chillies at home. Thanks for visiting out site please read full information about How to Grow Chillies at Home.
  • The chilli Plant is a fantastic little plant suitable for growing indoors in a sunny location and produce good chili.
  • Start the chilli plant farming at home before some information is give perfectly for better cultivation.
  • Water this plant regularly, every day and make sure to not let the plant dry out.
  • You do need a warm, sheltered spot – inside or outside – with at least six hours sun to grow chilies with any reliable success.
  • Most chilli varieties are not difficult to grow – but they do have slightly different needs from most other edible crops.
  • The Chilli plant likes full sun to part shade growing conditions.
  • The Chillies can be remover and eaten when green but it left on the plant then they gradually go read and still good.
  • Plant grows within 2 weeks from start of flowering.
  • Chilli plant Grow is tropical and sub-tropical region.
  • It is grow in warm and humid climate and temperature of 20-25 C.
  • Low moisture in soil when blossom development and fruit formation cause the bud, deblossom and fruit drops.
  • As a rain crop, Chili plants grow annual rain of 20-30 inches.
  • Chilli can be grow in a different range of soils, but black soil is more moisture retain for long periods so it suitable for rain fed crop.
  • Well drain soil, Deltaic soil and sandy loam are good under irrigate condition.
how to grow chilles at home

Chilli plant information
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How to grow Chili plant:
grow chillies from seeds
  • Chilli plant is propagate by seeds.
  • For raising nurseries, seeds of high yielding varieties with tolerance to pests and disease may be use.
  • Make sure that grow of best chilli plant should be careful select the seed from organic farm.
  • To start with chemically entreat seeds from local high yield varieties could be use in the absence of organically produce seed.
  • The lands are prepare giving 2-3 plough and clod crushing after each plough.
  • Compost for Farm Yard Manure 150-2000 quintals should be spread and mix in the soil 15-20 days before sowing.
  • Chilli crop sown in May- June and for summer crop it is sown in month of January.
  • Irrigation System:
  • Drainage is important. If you are prone to over water or if you’re using an automatic watering system, you can improve drainage by adding perlite (10 – 30%) or grit.
  • Chilli plant cannot maintain heavy moisture.
  • High irrigation systems induce lanky vegetative growth and also cause for flower shedding.
  • The number of irrigation and interval between irrigation depend on soil and climatic conditions.
  • Flowering and fruit development in chilli are the most critical stage
  • Normally chili is grown under rain-fed condition
Chilli Cultivation
  • Chilli is highly perishable in nature.
  • It requires more attention during harvest, storage and transportation.
  • Chilli cultivation is high when correct timing of harvesting process is apply.
  • When use of vegetable purpose are generally harvest while they are still green but full grown.
  • When use of caning purpose are generally harvest while they are red stage.
  • Use of ripe stages it is complete dry of chili use.
  • It is use chilli powder.
  • The yield of dry chillies of rain fed crop is 200-400 kg.
  • The proportion of dry to fresh jap chilies varies from 25-40 percent.
  • It is done by in three phases.
  1. Drying.
  2. Grading and Packing.
  3. Storage.
  • It is spicy farming and good profits with proper Chilli farming Techniques.

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