Honey Bee Farming Requirement

By | March 24, 2018

Honey Bee Farming Requirements

  • Honey Bees can produce lots of honey and selling honey can be a business for people who don’t have a lot of money and who have a little space in their backyard to farm their honey bees. It is difficult to bees as the business when you did not have knowledge about bees and apiculture bees are wild in nature. You can easily learn apiculture knowledge and earn the money with less effort. Now In India Honey Bee farming is grow in hilly region. But day by day local people also start this business to earn money. Now Check the Honey Bee Farming Requirement is below in detail.

Honey Bee Farming In India

  1. Steps to Know Before Starting Honey Bee Farming:

  • Clean Water source by natural or artificial source should be available is the first Honey Bee Farming Requirement.
  • Tree covered area or shade so that bees can save from the over heat of the sun.
  • Try to maintain the moisture of surrounding.
  • Excessive moisture will affect the honey bee fly and also the honeys ripen.
  • You should be aware well with the human-bees relationship.
  • Because happy relationships with your bees cause to quality honey production in higher amount and they do not leave your hives.
  • You should have a good Knowledge of bee’s colony and local flora.
  • Use of proper Equipment for Honey Bee farming.
  • Also Think of Marketing of your Honey.
  • Main Important advice is Knowledge and training is must for Honey Bee Farming Requirement.
  • So contact of nearly local Beekeepers.
  1. Honey Bee Farming Site Requirements:

  • Selection of a suitable location is also important for Honey Bee farming.
  • Because A Proper location for your bee keeping business leads to better result by more honey Collection.
  • Select a location for your farm which has cool atmosphere with no dampness.
  • High RH will affect bee flight and ripening of nectar.
  • Generally, a good clean water source is available for quality production of Honey.
  • If not present, construct an artificial one from wooden materials.
  • Also, Pollen yielding plants are essential around your bee’s farm.
  • Because they directly enhance your honey collection via provide a good source of pollen for the bees.
  • Also minimize their traveling distance for collecting honey,
  • They cause fast and quality collection of honey.

Honey Bee Farming Requirement

  1. Honey Bee farming Equipment:

Honey Bee Farming Requirement

Bee Venom

Honey Bee Farming Requirement

Honey Extractor

Honey Bee Farming Requirement

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  • For commercial bees keeping business, you need some equipment to produce different kind of use in your Bee farm.
  • Honey Extractor.
  • Bee Venom Collector.
  • Food Grad Plastic Made Queen Cage.
  • Queen Gate.
  • Ss Hive Tools.
  • Ss Knives.
  • Hive Gate.
  • Propolis Strip.
  • Queen Rearing Kit.
  • Queen Excluder.
  • Extraction Kit.
  • Iron Hive Tools.
  • Royal Jelly Production.
  1. Management Of Honey Bees:

  • Main is Save your bees energy, it is better to place the honey collection hive near to any yielding plants.
  • Also, If you want to migrate the bees hive, then migrate them near to any yard, in the start of flowering just after that.
  • Place honey collection hive to provide a site for your bees.
  • It is more benefit to use 5 hives for the Indian Bees.
  • Provide sufficient place to the bees for their collecting honey pollen and to store that collect honey.


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