Honey Bee Farming In India

By | March 24, 2018

Honey Bee Farming In India

  • Honey Bees can produce lots of honey and selling honey can be a business for people who don’t have a lot of money and who have a little space in their backyard to farm their honey bees.
  • Grow of honey bees is called Apiculture.
  • Keep bees at the large scale for commercial purpose as a business plan is increase in the fast growing world.
  • Api-culture is also related is to the agriculture or part of the agriculture.
  • It is difficult to bees as the business when you did not have knowledge about bees and apiculture bees are wild in nature.
  • You can easily learn apiculture knowledge and earn the money with less effort.
  • Now In India Honey Bee farming is commonly done by in hilly region. But day by day local people also start this business to earn money.
  • It is basically produce in Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Southern Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.
  • Main advantage of this farming is no need of any labor in this business; it is increase day by day.
  • Honeybees produce honey, bee wax and royal jelly thus giving additional benefits of farmers.

Honey Bee Farming Requirements

  1. Nutritive and Medical Value Honey Bee:-

  • Honey is the oldest sweetness on earth.
  • Honey clear blood and arteries. Also useful in throat infection and cosmetic.
  • Also use in avoids cough, eye disorders, digestive problem, blood pressure, colds etc..
  • use is technique in increase memory power of children at small age.
  • Use of honey provides lots of energy to the body and helps in increase athletic performance.
  • Helps prevent cancer and heart problem.
  • Anti –bacterial and Anti-fungal.
  • Use in weight loss.
Honey Bee Farming In India

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  1. Castes Of Honey Bee:

  • Generally, Every Bee colony is made up of Three Types of Bee. For according to their work.

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  1. A Queen Bee
  2. Female worker Bee
  3. Male Drones




  • Queen is a generative and functional female where worker is a sterile female and the drone is male bee insect.
  • Female worker bee is present in large number.
  • It is around more than 30,000 in particular colony.
  • Male drones are present in hundreds of number in the particular colony.
  • It is use for breeding purpose.
  1. Different Species of Honey Bee:

  • There are different species of Honey bee, but most important species of Honey bees are..
  • The Indian Hive Bee.
  • The Rock Bee.
  • The Little Bee.
  • The European or Italian Bee.
  • Dammar Bee or Stingless Bee.
  1. Crops Benefited by Honey Bee farming:

  • Oil Seed Crops: Mustard, Niger, Gingerly, Sunflower, Rape seed, safflower and all other pollen crops.
  • Vegetable Crops: Cucumber, carrot, pumpkin, cabbage, melon, onion, radish, coriander and the turnip crop.
  • Fruits and Nuts: Apricot, apple, Almond, Peach, Strawberry, Citrus and the Litchi crop.
  • Forage Seed Crops: Clover and Lucerne.
  • The Bee farming business is beneficial to these crops in boosting the crop production. List of some crop is…
Crop % Yield Increase
Mustard  47
Sunflower  35-45
Cotton  17-22
Lucerne  100
Onion  91
Apple  47


  1. Pests and Diseases in Honey Bee Farming:

  • The Common pets in Bee Farming are Parasitic mite Varroa destructor, Wax moths, Wax bettes, Brood mite, Wasps, Tracheal Mites, Ants, Birds, Bee Mites, etc..
  • The common Diseases In Bee Farming are European foulbrood disease, Sac-Brood disease, Stone Brood Disease, American Foul Brood, Nosema Disease, Thai sac brood virus, Chalk brood disease, etc..

How To Control Diseases in Honey Bee Farming …. know to Click Hear

  1. Harvesting of Honey Bee farming:

  • IN Honey Bee farming Main Products Beekeeping business are Bees Wax, Bee Venom, Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Pollen.
  • Honey should be harvested at the end of a flowering season.
  • In Traditional or top-bar hives, the beekeeper should select a comb which contain ripe honey covered with a fine layer of white beeswax, usually those nearest the outside of the nest.
  • Honey is extracted only from super combs using honey extractor equipment.




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