Cantaloupe Farming

By | January 15, 2018

Cantaloupe Farming

  • cantaloupe farming is a good Farming business as a profitable but the water are more require in this cultivation. Cantaloupe Farming also known as Musk melon Framing and Kharbooj Framing . Cantaloupe Framing is a popular fruit crop grown throughout India. This fruit is being used as desert fruit and also eaten fresh fruit. This fruit belongs to “Cucurbitaceae” family and its botanical name is “Curcumas Mela .L.”. Per 100 grams serving, cantaloupe melons provide 34 calories and are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C.
  1. Cantaloupe farming Areas In India:-

  • In India it is generally cultivate in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  1. Nutritive and Medical Value:-

  • In Cantaloupe, 61% of Vitamin C, 6% of Potassium, 3% of Magnesium, 0.84 grams of Protein, 0.19 grams Fat, 0.9 grams of Fiber and 0.21 grams of Iron.
  • helps in controlling the blood pressure.
  • weight loss and also good for eye health.
  • regulating the blood sugar levels. And also boost immunity.
  • may help in preventing cancer and also during pregnancy.


  1. How Can Cantaloupe farming…?

  • If you live in warmer climes, you can direct sow seeds outdoors, but wait until the soil temperature warms to at least 65 degrees to avoid poor germination.
  • Plant seeds one inch deep, 18 inches apart, in hills about 3 feet apart.
  • you have limit space, vines can be traine to a support, such as a trellis.
  1. Varieties of in Cantaloupe India:

  • Cantaloupe varieties in India are Kharbooj, Musk Melon, Kharbooja and Teti.
  1. Growing Requirement:

  • Cantaloupe Framing grows best in hot and dry climatic conditions and this fruit is cultivate as summer crop.
  • Good sunshine and high heat make the melon to have good sugar content.
  • highly suitable to frost conditions.
  • Though sweetness and fine flavor are hereditary characteristics, yet they are greatly influence by environmental condition.
  1. Suitable soil/Land Preparation for Cantaloupe farming:

  • Muskmelon is mainly grown on sand and sandy-loam soils on river bed. But other type of soil is also favorable for its cultivation.
  • Sandy loam rich in organic matter with good drainage and ph range of 6.5-7.5.
  • Soil temperature below 15 c slows the seed germination and growth.
  • The land is prepare thoroughly by repeat ploughing.
  • fruit 2 to 3 ploughing is require to bring the soil to fine and wed free.
  • This can be done tractor or local/country plough.
  1. Best Planting season:

  • Best planting season of cantaloupe is November to February.
  1. Spacing Between Plants:

  • Its depend on you choose which method for growing the Muskmelon fruit farming.
  • These are four methods of sowing in musk melon cultivation.
  • A Deep Pit method, Shallow Pit method, Mound Method, Ridge Method.
  • Ridge Method in the muskmelon seeds are shown on sides of raised beds.
  • Deep Pit method: This method is best for muskmelon farming. And also best for river bed sowing. With 60 to 70 cm diameter and 1.0 to 1.5 m. depth of circular pits should be dug at a distance 1.6 to 2.5 meter distance in both ways.
  1. Fertilizers and Nutrition requirements:

  • Spread about 60 cart loads of farm yard Manure or any other compost as part of soil/land preparation.
  • Other fertilizers, NPK ratio should be 80:40:40 kg/ha  be apply.
  • Half dose of Nitrogen and full does of Potash and Phosphorus should be apply at the time of seed sowing.
  • Remaining ½ dose of Nitrogen should be apply after one month of sowing.
  1. Water supply/Irrigation:

  • Irrigation is given as and when it is necessary.
  • Crops cultivate sown or river beds or not needs and irrigation.
  • should be given immediately after sowing the seeds in the field.
  • Subsequent irrigations may be given 10 days interval to maintain the good soil moisture.
  • Avoid water logging in the field by make soil with good internal drainage.

Major Disease:

  1. Inter-cropping in Cantaloupe farming:

  • Two or three hoeing may be done during the early stage of growth to keep down the weeds and to conserve soil moisture.
  • plants are kept at one place in the hills or beds by thinning the extra plant.
  1. Storage/Harvest:

  • To get good quality of fruits, they should be harveste in right time.
  • Muskmelon fruit will be ready for picking in about 110 days depending upon variety and agro- climate.
  • stage of maturity is generally judge by the change is the external colour of fruit, softening of the rind and development of abscission layer.
  • In muskmelon when fruit are nature slips out easily from vine.
  • The stage at which the fruit are pick, also affects the quality of fruits, hence they should be pick in time.
  • average yield is 100 to 150 quintal/ha.

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