Avocado Farming

By | May 2, 2018

Avocado Farming

  • Avocados are an ancient fruits and origin at from America and Mexico.
  • These fruits are commonly calling “Butter Fruits” in India.
  • Avocado is the most nutritive among fruits.
  • The pulp is rich in proteins and fat but low in carbohydrates.
  • Commercial cultivation of avocados is limited in India and mainly south Indian states produce avocados.
  • They are use in salads and sandwich fillings. Also use of fresh fruit.
  1. Grown Areas In India:-

  • Avocado farming is limiting cultivar in Indian states.
  • Most off production of Avocado in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • Sikkim is the only north eastern state where avocados are grown.
  1. Nutritive and Medical Value:-

  • Avocados are healthy for heart. And are good for vision.
  • Avocados may help in fighting against cancer.
  • It is good for pregnant women.
  • It is use of weight loss.
  • Also use of lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  1. How Can Grow…?

  • Avocado is propagating through seed in India.
  • Generally, the avocado viability of seed can be increase store the seed in sand 5 C store the seed in dry peat.
  • Mature seed apply direct sowing on nursery beds or polyethylene begs.
  • After grow seed for six months in nursery can be transplant to the main field.
  1. Varieties of Avocado in India:

  • West Indian race, Guatemalan race and Mexican race are main varieties in India.
  • Other some varieties in India are Green, Round, Purple Hybrid, Trapp and Long.
  1. Growing Requirement:

  • Avocado plants are  grown in the temperature range 17 c to 27 c during complete grow period.
  • Not need to cool atmosphere during its complete production.
  • Please make sure last temperature is 14 C for healthy growth of plants.
  • This fruit plants also requires a highly humid condition between Flowering stage and fruit setting stage.
  • Also note that Avoid water stress between flowering stage and fruit setting stage.
  1. Suitable soil/Land Preparation:

  • Avocado plants are grown in tropical and semi tropical both high water temperature areas.
  • It is not allow hot dry winds and frost.
  • They do well in true tropical to warmer parts of the temperate area.
  • These fruits can be grown on wide variety of soils except on poorly drain soils as these plants are very sensitive to water logging.
  • Avoid the saline soils as these plants cannot allow saline conditions.
  • The optimum soil ph range is between 5 to 7.0 for better growth and yield.


  1. Best Planting season:

  • Avocado cultivation to plant in the begin of monsoon season for the faster and proper build of seedlings in the crop.
  • Also note that never plant a new avocado plant is a place where an aged plant.
  1. Spacing Between Plants:

  • Generally a spacing of 10 * 10 meter to 12 * 12 meters is good for commercials avocado cultivation.
  • Use this spacing easily plant trees grow. And 100 tress plants per hectare land.
  • Less production when use of 12*6m, 8*4m, 10&5m for use of high production of fruits.
  • In Sikkim a distance of 10m * 10 m is prefer in June to July period on hill places.
  1. Fertilizers and Nutrition requirements:

  • Avocado crop responds very well to the heavy manuring, containing Nitrogen as major organic matter content.
  • Nitrogen, phosphorous, and Potash should be apply to the new appear seed in equal portion to the grown and older plants.
  • Fertilizers should be applying to the ratio 2:1:2.
  • Application of manure and fertilizers totally depend on soil fertility.
  1. Water supply/Irrigation:

  • Water applies after the plantation carried out for good establish of plants.
  • Irrigation should be done at a regular interval such as irrigating at 3 or 4 weeks.
  • In Hot and Dry season more require to irrigation. So be done at an interval of 2 to3 weeks.
  • To avoid moisture stress, mulching done in the cold season.
  • Mulching is using of cover the plants with dry leaves and grass.
  • Rainy season there is no need for irrigation on plants.
  • Drip irrigation is best for avocado farming. Because in avocado plants is very sensitive to water problems.

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  1. Disease:

  • Root Rot.
  • Bacterial Soft Rot.
  • Black Rot.
  • Phytophthora Root Rot.
  • Stem End Rot.
  • Pepper Spot.
  1. Inter-cropping:

  • Intercropping in avocado farming is possible  for extra income.

  1. Storage/Harvest:

  • Avocado plants grown completely in 10 years.
  • Now, some commercial varieties are stand up to fruits in 4 to 5 year of plantation.
  • You will be  proper time harvesting taken  out so higher fruit production is available.
  • There are two varieties of avocado. 1.Purple and 2.Green.
  • The purple variety change colour from purple to maroon day by day.
  • The green change to colour from green to yellow day by day.
  • Start harvesting when change from yellow-white to dark brown colour of fruit.
  • After harvesting it is fresh for 10 days.







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  1. Roopesh

    A good material to start with. We have around 6 acres of land near Bellary – Karnataka. As you might know, Bellary is a very hot place. Do you suggest that Avacado cultivation is possible in hot weather?

    1. Shyamal Patel Post author

      Dear Roopesh avocado required heavy humid atmosphere. And up to 35 c temperature good . But i recommend to you start try with few plants. Good luck


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